It's not a P&S, or my Nex-5 frustration

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Re: It's not a P&S, or my Nex-5 frustration

My own experience with the Nex's have been that to get the best results, put it on manual. Easy to manage once you customise it logically for manuial shooting (very easy on a nex 7 out the box).

Especially in low light, manual focus is highly desired to get the most reliable and fastest critical focus. The low light of contrast AF is pretty poor. By dusk, the AF is all but unreliable but still usable to a point.

By Evening, it simply hunts too much or doesn't focus at all. To be fair, even on my EM-5, which has the best AF (even compared to some DSLR) has problems in low light, with a lot of hunting and refusal to focus on my target and often, trying to focus on something else entirely - but it *can* autofocus if you are persistent.

In both cases, I have found that Manual focus is necessary. The camera will reward your effort. They produce really nice low light images.

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