Lightroom Settings for D800 RAW files

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Re: Lightroom Settings for D800E RAW files

gomoku wrote:

Robin Casady wrote:

Sharpening (I'm not confident about these settings. Open to suggestions)

  • Amount: 50
  • Radius: 0.5
  • Detail: 50
  • Masking: 24

I supposed you arrived at these by trial and error. It would really be interesting discussing on what basis one is to choose settings here. It would depend on the scene of course and many images would need special settings but on what basis should default settings be set?

Yes, trial and error. I'm thinking of turning it off and doing all sharpening prior to output. I don't really understand the idea of multi-stage sharpening. I should read more about it.

Noise Reduction: all 0

Camera Calibration: 2012 (Current)

  • Camera Profile as appropriate to the lens and lighting from ColorChecker Passport or QPcard 203 book.

Interesting. I have not yet looked into ColorChecker Passort and OPcard.

I like them both.

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