Regarding the new 35/1.4, do you think CA is still there?

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Re: Regarding the new 35/1.4, do you think CA is still there?

The other thing you guys may want to be paying attention to is software correction of aberrations.

I was quite suitably impressed with what recent Photoshops (CS5 and CS6 now) can do, and this over the sorts of problems that show differently on great lenses (pick of litter) or poorer lenses (wide-range convenient zooms) when used on the SD1, whose color resolution can probably find the aberrations in any lens.

This lens correction can be one-button for any lens in the database, but is also quite easy to do manually for lenses that aren't (yet).

The cleanup is never perfect either, but it seems very impressive. On great lenses, great reduction of the sharp color fringes. On the convenient lenses, moving from looks-like-mess to an entirely usable, visibly fringe-free rendition at a magnification you would use practically anyway due to blur and other factors. And that usable magnification/resolution is itself markedly improved, when you don't have ghosts running through all edge areas.

Anyway, I'd give it a try. There may be less expensive or otherwise alternative software which does just as well as Photoshop; I don't think this is a 'tough' area of algorithms.

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