One HUGE reason for loving m4/3 camera systems!!!

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This is only relevant if you are comparing the cameras at different DOF . The thing is FF can do everything mFT can and more { except for being lighter}.

Given the same technology in both I'd agree with you, well except for telephoto and macro and other arenas where more DoF matters.

You forget greater DoF. I can slap the Panaleica 25mm f1.4 on and shoot away at f1.4 and ISO 6400 on my OMD. I have to be more careful with razor thin DoF in FF.

What would you be shooting in this scenario ?

Performers on a stage.  People moving outside at night.  Maybe with the performers I would want the 75mm f1.8, but you get the idea.  I don't have to worry about a razor thin DoF making 1/2 of my subjects out of focus as I wouild with f1.4 on FF.

And the incredible dynamic range of the latest m43rds is a real plus.

Nothing incredible about it compared to previous Sony sensors { D7000,D5100,K5,Nex } and certainly not FF users.

FF provides no advantage for DR.

Yes the best FF camera the D800 outperforms the E-M5 by 2 full stops of DR at base ISO which delivers much more mailable files. the d800 also has approximately the same DR at 800 ISO as the E-M5 at 200 ISO , it is also better in regard to noise, tonal range and colour sensitivity all of which are naturally advantageous for landscape photography.

I guess the point is diminishing returns to size. The sensors for the best of m43rds are presently undoubtedly better than FF from a 1 or 2 ago. And it stands to reason that in 2013 / 14, we'll have something better than today's FF. Since, as has already been pointed out by others, pros in many settings are using years old FF, when are people going to stop making the silly comment that m43rds is not good enough for pro photography?

I9 don't think that the E-M5 is as good as the previous Nikon FF models { D3s and D3X} which I owned. The statement about mFT not being good for pro photography is generally specifically related to areas where very high ISO, fast tracking AF and poor selection of lenses.There are plenty areas where this does not apply and mFT is more than good enough. I uses and enjoy both systems.

It's just brand / size loyalty.

Well, except for the "poor selection of lenses" which is a factual mistake, I'll just have to say we'll have to agree to disagree.  I too do enjoy FF though I don't have enough money coming in from photography to justify keeping up two systems.

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