Is it safe to buy a D800?

Started Nov 19, 2012 | Questions thread
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Kid, you are ignored. / nt

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If I understand correctly, there was a left focus issue when the D800 first came out. Is it safe to assume that most (not sure if there is anything else) of the issues have been resolved by now? Should I check the serial number? (Perhaps the shop stores an old batch?)

The D600 is another camera, but still another option. However, it may take a few more months before everybody agrees its problems have been taken care of??

Please be gentle. Don't flame. This is a genuine question and no trolling. I am only trying to estimate my chances before buying.

It is safe to say that being a alpha or beta tester of a tool is fun for some, e.g. the left AF and 10-pin potential issues, and sending it back-and-fore to the vendor for rectification is joy too.

For me, thanks, but no thanks. I am waiting to get a D800e and a couple Nikkors, maybe in 6 months, if something more attractive doesn't show up. Trust, but verify. Patience is a virtue.

You will never buy a Nikon, you like your NEX cameras and Sony products too much. You have no interest in Nikon or any other brand than Sony, so please don't try to convince anyone. You are just another of these "hysteria creators", have no real clue about the problem at all, just have an "opinion" about it. Of course, you can have any opinion you like, but don't pretend because that's so childish...

Hey, fanboy, were you born when I used my F2?

Hey troll, were you born when I used my Zenit E?

Just get lost in your smokes!

For a troll, everyone is a fanboy and the "fact" that you have used an F2 is totally unimpressive and a poor, ignorant excuse.

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