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VisionLight wrote:

MarioV wrote:

My rickety gorillapod is not meant for a camera this size.. easy now, dont fall..

Will need to get a proper tripod. In the mean time, here's my effort..

edit: taken at 100x

half moon

Nice detail, Mario. Was there any post?

And this is just an interesting observation. Here we're up in the northlands, and there you're down under. It's the same moon, but we get two different perspectives. Here's mine again, not for photographic comparison, but just for that perspective.

Same moon from the other side of the world.

I suppose it's an allergory on how different people around the world see somethings some way, when others see the same exact things with a different interpretation. And, unfortunately are willing to fight for that interpretation. Sometimes the simplest things, like a couple of photos of an innocuous object like the moon, can promote open mindedness and understanding.

Thanks for posting,


Thanks Vision.

In post,

- I straightened the image slightly because the Gorillapod was not stable and I actually had to hold it steady LOL.  So it was captured at a slight angle over natural this should be the correct view as seen with naked eye

- I reduced the highlights slightly, to get the details more visible from the glare.

Thats all for FastStone.

In NeatImage, I reduced the noise slightly by passing a low 30% luminance reduction.  That should only reduce the slightly speckled appearance and not affect detail.

I noticed some Yellow CA on the bright limb (usually a sign of Achromatic lenses or low/medium quality ED lenses), so I opened up Photoshop and reduced the yellowish appearance slightly.

Yes the moon orientation from different hemispheres is interesting.  My favourite feature is Tycho, the great rayed crater.  I actually prefer it at the top of the moon (southern vantage point)

But you are right. A different point of view does not make one correct over the other.

Nice observation and thanks for your thoughts.


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