D7000 Photo Format on LCD

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Re: D7000 Photo Format on LCD

mistermejia wrote:

I have been thinking about this for some time now. I would think is the same in other Nikon bodies, but when you take a photo (mainly in JPEG) the photos LOOK really awesome overall and i personally get very excited after seeing such "result", but when you load them onto your computer they do NOT look the same at all and the feeling is more disappointing with the expression of: "WHAT DA HECK???"

The image being displayed on the camera's LCD is it perhaps a RAW format or a different kind of high quality format, or is it just simply what my eyes are seeing due to the fact that it is in a 3" little LCD??

If you are shooting JPEG then how your monitor is set up can affect the difference you are seeing.  The LCD is showing you the JPEG processed with your camera settings. If you have the brightness up too high on the LCD...you might get the impression that things look "nicer" than the exact same JPEG viewed on your monitor. You can match your monitor to the LCD setting.  If you are shooting RAW....whole different story. What software you are using to view the Jpeg's can also affect perception.

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