D70, D700, and D7000

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Dennis2 wrote:

Relatively soon, tentatively this weekend, I will have, in my hands, 3 cameras: D70, D700, and D7000.

Seizing this opportunity, I wanted to, perhaps, dare I say . . . compare the cameras?

Wow there, that was a thought almost as perverted as I am. What do you say, should I go for it ? Or do I abandon the thought with all deliberate recklessness?

Instead of just getting the cameras and doing some sort of a comparison first, I wanted to ask the people who know -- is it worth it? If so, what exactly do I do and how exactly do I do it?

My plan is, once I get the cameras, to mount them on a steady surface and take some photos of the same subjects. Also, I have a ColorChecker at my disposal, as well as 50mm and 17-55mm Nikkors that I can use. Then, my plan to find some targets and frame them to fit the frame as similar as possible, and take some shots with similar dialed up settings. That's it. The rest is up to you now.

The differences in these 3 cameras are all well known and well documented. If there is a difference you want to see for yourself....design a test to see that. Just setting up some targets will lead to little info. Are you looking to see skin tones differences with default settings...tracking speed...shutter lag...the list is a big one.  I for example, would like to know which one works best as a emergency bottle opener Sorry, just being silly.  Good Luck

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