Monitor brightness and printing?

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Re: Monitor brightness and printing?

rpenmanparker wrote:

Hugowolf wrote:

There are other parameters here, most notably ambient light; both intensity and temperature. It isn’t just the absolute monitor intensity, it is the intensity relative to the viewing light.

And, which you actually already allude to, there are limits to eye/brain adjustment. We see much less detail and color outside in moonlight than we do in daylight, no matter how long we spend outside under the stars. If our eyes/brain were to perfectly adjust, then we would see no difference between a bright sunny day and an overcast one – it would be sunshine and roses all the time.

It is because of this that I run more than one monitor profile, one at 140 cd/m² for editing and another at 80 cd/m² for proofing. If I were to only run one, it would probably be in the 100-120 cd/m² range.

Brian A

Brian, I am interested in your use of two monitor profiles but a little unsure what you mean. What does it mean to use one for editing and one for printing?

"proofing", as in soft proofing, not printing. I use printer/paper profiles for printing. I also use a different monitor profile for streaming video, one with the luminance level set almost as high as it will go. I find my photo editing monitor profile just fine for most other things, like word processing, spreadhseets, etc.

Brian A

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