16MP v 24MP sensors

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oh lord

Big Ga wrote:

Hi Folks,

I haven't been following the tests and comparisons of the 24MP sony DX sensors v the 16MP ones. What is the general outcome? anyone care to summarise for me?? (although I can just about work out that 24MP is going to give more megapixels than 16 LOL).

I'm thinking along the lines of sensor banding, pattern noise, shadow lifting and general noise etc.

I really love the output from my D5100. They are so cheap now that I'm half contemplating getting a second one as I'm a tad concerned that the new 24MP sensors MIGHT have pushed things a little too much. I'd rather less res but a really clean file I can PP the hell out of, rather than have more megapixels but be restricted a little more in what I can do with the files. But technology marches on, and I also wouldn't be shocked to find that the D5200 is as good or better in all ways (once you downscale back to 16MP), in which case I'm happy to wait a little and maybe get a newer camera when the prices come down in the future.

I guess the Nex 24 v 16 sensor debates might be similar ?

Any thoughts, info or links gratefully received.



This thread will come down to the people who have a 24mp vs the people who have a 16mp camera, with each side saying the other is wrong.

Simple answer: whatever camera you have/want/can afford is fine. 16mp is good. 24 mp is good, but bigger files.

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