If I could place the RX100 sensor in A500 for bird shooting, .........

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Re: So, you're telling me...

RuNZ wrote:

I have stated clearly that the physical aperture size has NOT changed. We are talking about the equivalent aperture that would give the same result on FF. No one is suggesting that the physical size of the glass changes depending on the sensor in the body attached.

You seem to be taking this the wrong way for some reason, there is no hostility intended in any of my posts, and this is starting to turn into the sort of conversations I hate to have.

So good luck with everything, I'll stay away from now on. Cheers.

You're confusing aperture, which is the subject at hand, and which doesn't change when you use the lens on a different sized sensor body, with DOF. Your misunderstanding, or misstatement, is confusing people.

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