Windows 8 sales 'well below' projections, report claims

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Re: Then why use the Metro...

migibson99 wrote:

digital ed wrote:

After some familiarization I have set up the DESKTOP so Win 8 looks and runs just like Win 7. If you look at the desktop and use it you will think you are using Win 7. I prefer this for a desktop PC. I see no compromise or sacrifice doing this. With one mouse click or button press I can switch between the desktop view and Metro view.

Except for some hardware compatibility issues with older hardware on Win 8 it runs as well as Win 7 and I have had no crashes or any other stability or reliability issues.

This is not a ringing endorsement for anyone considering upgrading to Windows 8. So, you can make it look and feel like Windows 7, and you will think you are using Windows 7. Except for some hardware incompatabilities, it runs as well as Windows 7. So why not just stick with Windows 7? That is the fundemental question.

For now I am sticking with Win 7 (and XP Pro) on my desktops.

Win 8 Pro is in a virtual disk on my media center Win 7 PC. The display is a 65 inch LCD and Win 8 looks great on it. Fun to play with MS Media Center for Win 8 on a large screen.

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