What is this oil stuff on D600? Please enlighten me.

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Re: FYI: Troll alert.

sensibill wrote:

Engandiyur wrote:

I plan to buy D600 in the near future. Now I have been hearing this oil and dust issue on the sensor. Can you tell me what this oil issue is? Where does this oil come to the sensor from? Does a DSLR contain oil inside it? Sorry if it is a dump question, but I am curious to know. Thanks for the answers.

Check this person's posting history. He's telling people they should only receive expensive cameras when they're 'gifts', that DSLRs are a waste of 'valuable money' and to donate that cash to PETA instead (in the Sony Alpha forum).

He also has lots of totally off-topic posts regarding politics.

Since he has repeatedly argued so strongly that people should never "waste money" by buying expensive DSLR's, it is most obvious that his statement here that he will be buying a new Nikon DSLR is totally insincere and is clearly a lie.

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