V2 against D4...

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Re: V2 against D4...

rayman 2 wrote:

No its not only depth of field its also for the lens fabrication... thats the point of my thread...

a 50 1.4 is 2.5 stops faster then an f 3.5- 135 so you are looking at fullframe camera with a 3.5 - 135mm at 6400 iso and an V2 with a 50 1.4 at 1000 iso..... so you are comparing at the quality at these levels....because the lens on the V1 is faster you need less iso....

If you compare the 2 cameras at that level it doesnt look that much better for the D4...

BUT you suddenly realise that there is no series 1 equivalent to the 2/135 DC lens !!!


Which is what I meant by saying the D4 is better in this respect.

An N1 equivalent (in DoF only) to a FF 135/f2 would be a CX 50/f0.7.

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