1600 iso with V1

Started Nov 19, 2012 | Discussions thread
rayman 2 Veteran Member • Posts: 3,228
Re: 1600 iso with V1

jonikon wrote:

Great shots Giuseppe! I feel too many dismiss the V1 for what it can't do rather than appreciate what it can do in the right hands, like yours.

Thank you for posting these to showcase what this little camera can do!

Best regards,
- Jon

The V1 is just as capable as the D4 ... it just doesnt have the fast lenses that you can get for Fullframe in the lower focal length region....

as soon as you take the super primes ie 2-200 or the 2.8 - 300 you will see that the

V1 can do just as good......in the same hands as a D4 can....

There is just a lack of fast lenses thats all !


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