KM 7D still doing a good job. i imagine mine is not alone.

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Re: KM 7D still doing a good job. i imagine mine is not alone.

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

Sonnarman wrote:

Hi Barry, glad to see you bare still in on this forum. I gues that I am still caught somewhere in the headlights of digital capture. Completely sold on the advances being made, but still look back at just how long-lived were the (film) camera purchases we made.
For example a Rollei SL35 with Zeiss optics, bought new in 1972, still working today. Canon EOS 5. Hhistory nonw, but probably still operational. KM Dynax 7D bought new in 2004, considered a dinosaur by many, but still operating and at work from time to time. Cannot be long before it will be another example on the collection shelves, as parts dry up.

I cannot even now think of what is to come without a sense of excitement, especially the direction signalled by the soon to be released RX 1. To imagine a version with interchangeable lenses (M mount would expose it to a huge raft of legacy optics)​- yes Sony would probably team with Zeiss again to deliver an AF line - but just how cool would it be to see something of a body that could give us both options? A cracker of an idea I believe. After all, we have seen dual mounts before, although most require some sacrifices to make them workable, and Sony would be little less vulnerable to this than were , Miranda Pentax and Contax.

All in all it's a great phase in the history of photography. And I will keep the 7D out for as long as she lasts.


I'll probably pick one up at some point though there are more 5d's around s/h I imagine due to volumes of production.

I still have a bit of fun with the film 7 and other bodies now and then. I picked up a Sony SLT to play around with, but feel the need for OVF pleasure as well so again I'll start to re-build my A mount system again.

I did try to move to Pentax and Nikon but both makers were a big letdown with some QC problems that just should not happen. If my Km digital's die I'll carry on with the 35mm bodies they remain very decent even the film 5 and 60. Someone gave me an F55 (frankly it's rubbish v the Minolta's) strange that a maker like Minolta could struggle making better products!

Part of the appeal is the lenses that are around I've some of the golden oldies and love them to this day.

Hi Barry,

Feel very much the same myself. I have many colleagues around me using a very wide range of digital maker's product and as a result get to see just how they compare in competent hands. Also felt a pull to the Pentax camp as being the likely OVF successor to my 7D, but went with an A580 instead so I could also continue to enjoy my (old - prefer 'aging gracefully') Minolta lens kit. Still passionate about the IQ one can extract from a couple of very good examples of the original beer-can and its mini-me stablemate.

I have moved to an A77 to get the benefit of the larger display image potential, and (some) of the myriad of new 'aids' to more challenging photography, and am not at all disappointed with what it is delivering, especially with the Zeiss 16-80. I can say I am learning how to work with the EVF so it works more and more for me (I do like less is best) but the images themself are worth the issues. Maybe a Ver 2 or 3 EVF will enable me to feel even more at home.

Anyway, looking for a clean 100mm f2.8 varisoft, and possibly a 28mm f2 also.

Whatever, your comment about how did Minolta fail to remain one of the truly leading lights of photographic camera makers sparked a resonating flicker. I always felt the same about their kit, usually reliable, always capable of delivering top class images, and always backed up by sales support and service folk who knew their stuff. Luck for us we still have that support here in town!


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