Sony 32GB SDHC Class 10 UHS-1 $28.99 on Amazon. Good deal?

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Re: Sony 32GB SDHC Class 10 UHS-1 $28.99 on Amazon. Good deal?

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andyfl wrote:

I just got one the other week and find it to work well and it is reasonably speedy. I found a review on it somewhere on the web that compared it to the 45Mbs R/W Sandisk card (the Sony is 45 write/94 read) and they showed the Sony as being a little be faster.

When I tried the link you provided it showed the card as being $40 though.

Thanks for the reply! I went ahead and picked one up. Seems like a pretty good deal. BTW, the $28.99 is one of their "Lightning Deals". If you look to the right, where you would normally add it to your cart, there is a lightning deal button there instead. 94% of them have been claimed, so it must not be too bad of a deal. There are also 16GB cards for $16.99. Only 37% of those have been claimed.

I picked up a 32 gig two-pack from B&H last week for $60. I've now used both. They work fine, but not quite as fast as my Sandisk 95mb card.

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I bought one from B&H a week before that deal for $42.  I called them after seeing the 2/$60 deal and they agreed to send me a second one for $18 to match the deal.  I should have it in a a few days.  B&H is a good place to deal with.

Yeah, the Sony cards are only up to 45 Mbs write, where as the Sandisk 95Mbs cards are up to that speed for read and write.  When the prices eventually come down I'll get one for sports shooting.


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