studio lighting setup using FL50rs

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Re: studio lighting setup using FL50rs

I'm a location photographer, and I use umbrellas 95% of the time outdoors. They're lightweight, easy to setup and cheap. They will also blow over in even light winds, so make sure to weigh down the stand; I like 10lb. ankle weights, they stabilize the stand, and you get a leg workout walking to sites.

Some people like softboxes, and I do have and like the Apollo 28" square. However, it's a pain to open the thing up and change settings on the flash, then close the sb back up again while you're working to get your light right. With umbrellas, it's easy as pie to get to the back of the flash. Also, umbrellas tend to spill light everywhere, whereas sbs are more controlled light, but since I'm on location, I usually like a little spill onto the ground/nearby items, as it makes the environment more real. With the sb, you have a concentrated spot of light on the subject, and the surrounding env is unlit. This looks too unnatural to me, but YMMV. If I were shooting mostly in a studio, I'd probably use the sb more. I've been using shoot-thrus for the last four years, and they work well for me.

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