Opinion's please,is a 2 lens kit enough to justify being into micro 4/3

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Re: Ask this questoin in the Leica forum......

tedolf wrote:

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tedolf wrote:

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This is a question that i have asked myself,the last couple of yrs of learning photography properly has made me learn expensively and sometimes painfully,ie lenses,lenses and more lenses ! with a few camera's thrown in,what it is i like to shoot,i love fast prime lenses,and i generally shoot between 28mm - 50mm in 35mm terms, hence i have the panasonic 14mm f2.5 and Panasonic 25mm f1.4 lenses.

Rather then having my GX1,add on EVF + 2 lenses,i wonder if i would be better served by the Fuji X100,this is a camera i had about 8 months ago and wonder if i made a mistake in selling (at the time still for very good money) now they are dirt cheap.

Do you guys think the Fuji 35mm f 2 lens is enough to cover the above lenses without the hassle of having and changing over 2 lenses.

Sorry if i sound decisive,hoping some opinions may help.

and see what they say!


Has crossed my mind,my worry is,if i mention micro 4/3 or the Fujifilm camera,they may treat me like a simple peasant.

I like your humor!

Really, what I was getting at (and they would have given you a spanking) was two things. First, if you don't like changeing lenses, which requires you to pre-plan how you are going to do a shoot, then an interchangeable lens camera is not for you. The Leica folks only carry one, maybe two lenses at most other than the lens on the camera.

The second thing is that the Leica people put prime lens quality above all else, and are willing to put up with lens changes to get that. It really does make a difference in image quality and that difference has to be important enough to you to put up with the minor inconvenience. If you don't think that way, then any ILC is a bad idea, some worse than others.

I couldn't get exactly this with a zoom lens:

Minolta Rokkor M, 40mm f/2.0


Very nice indeed

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