One HUGE reason for loving m4/3 camera systems!!!

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Re: About time!

Bangers and Mash wrote:

tedolf wrote:

How many do you need?

I was wondering when someone would come to the plate with that. Exactly! How many lenses does one need, and for that matter what difference does it make if Nikon, Canon and whoever sells or makes dozens and dozens of lenses. I have two lenses, and my plan is to add two more primes later on, and that's it. Story done.

Let an old man rave on......

Back in the film days (remember them?) my Nikon gear consisted of a bunch of zooms and a bunch of primes (still got 'em all) gathered over some years.

There was never a situation where all would go out together, it was always case of packing a suitable bag with the suitable equipment for the day or trip. Every time out the door was a bit different.

My aim is to do the same with M4/3, have "too many lenses" eventually but only take the one, two or maybe three I need on the day. Could be zooms, could be primes, could be a mixture.

So I can see how the victim in the OP got to that stage of bag and confusion, trying to carry the whole kit, or not organised enough to have various kits for different purposes and only carry the minimum needed for the day.

Heck I have one camera bag that is probably bigger than that shown, but it never travels, it holds all the gear that I haven't packed into the (much smaller) day bag that I need at the time.

Regards.... Guy (known to often carry only a Pana LX3)

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