OM-D, panning shots - longer exposure

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Re: OM-D, panning shots - longer exposure

Hans wrote:

Hi All - so, I've finally tried to get beyond just taking basic pics with my OM-D with the kit 12-50 lens. I was shooting some pictures at a local surf spot and wanted to get pans with a long shutter speed.

I was not able to have the shutter open anywhere near the length of time that I wanted. I'd already set the ISO to 200 but there was still not enough open shutter time. What next? Is it time for filter to limit the light or am I missing something?

Next - this is the first time I've not used an optical viewfinder. So, when I pushed the shutter the viewfinder just went dark - makes it kind of hard to follow the subject. Again - is there some setting I should change? Is there a way to keep it showing a live view?

Here are two of my images (I am rather disappointed by them but it's just a first try and a learning experience) so you can see what I was able to capture.

Thoughts, advice and suggestions are appreciated

Hi Hans, first of all you should set the EVF-speed to high. This reduces the dark phases of the EVF and improves the AF performance at the same time, making it easier to follow your moving subject.

Then, you should switch to modus S and choose a shutter time between 1/100 and 1/200.

But at the end of the day, you need perfect weather conditions - in your case less light -  to achieve good results, with a slow lens such as the 12-50. A tele such as the 75-300 would be helpful, too.

Just to show you that it can be done, with the E-M5:

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