Nikon D5100 deal/price drop

Started Nov 13, 2012 | Discussions thread
mystiqueskillz New Member • Posts: 4
Re: Nikon D5100 deal/price drop

ansdguy wrote:

I doubt that the price will drop any further. Waiting for that to happen is likely to leave you out in the cold. The reason for the price drop is the coming D5200. Who knows how many D5100s are left in inventory and the supply chain? I've owned the D40 and D80. My D5100 is far and away superior to either. I do have a soft spot for the excellent D40, so I gave it to my granddaughter.

If you want this camera, buy it now. You will not be sorry in the least.

Thank you! I had my D40 for 6 years, and I think it's time to finally upgrade because I am taking a one month trip to Vietnam. I posted my D40 on craigslist with the kit lens for $250 and I haven't gotten any offers. How much do D40's with the kit lens go for?

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