Pentax as a replacement for my Oly 4/3 gear - opinions?

Started Nov 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
ToddyAM Forum Member • Posts: 57
I moved from E3 12-60 50-200 to K5 16-50 50-135

The Pentax K5 is great. Much better high ISO and DR than the OLy E3, 510 or 620. Try one out and see if the ergonomics suit you. I find them fantastic. I don't think the K5 autofocus is as good as the E3 +swd lenses but it is probaly quicker than your 620.

The K5 viewfinder is much larger and brighter than your Oly finder.

Lenses - The 16-50 is the best pentax replacement for the Oly12-60 but it is not as flexible range wise or as sharp. I'm not saying it's a bad lens but it is no 12-60

The 50-135 is brilliant, sharp, lovely images, good range, light.

If you want a direct replacement for the 50-200swd try the pentax 60-250 da*. I think it's the equal of the 50-200 and about the same size too. Again, a brilliant lens.

If you have any specific questions feel free to ask.


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