RX100 - is it successful at children action shooting?

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Re: RX100 - is it successful at children action shooting?

I've had the RX100 for a couple months now and have taken a ton of pics of my 1 year old.  The performance (imo) is sort of a catch 22.  As far as I know, it's the biggest sensor you can get in a pocketable P&S (point and shoot).  On top of that it has an incredibly fast fixed lens at f/1.8.  So in terms of a P&S it's the best I think you'll get atm.

Now for the topic.  This thing shoots fast for a P&S.  Faster than any other I've experienced.  I don't shoot in continuous mode but can still rattle off shot after shot without much delay.  If there's plenty of light this thing can't be beat for it's size.  I get tons of shots where my 1 year old is buzzing around and it shoots so fast that when I review my pics, it looks like an animated slideshow.

The catch.  In low light it's good, but not nearly as good as a bigger camera with a bigger sensor (like an Olympus OMD EM-5).  I say the RX100 is still good because you're not gonna find a P&S with a sensor this big with such a fast lens at f/1.8.  So it's the best your going to get for something so small.  The challenge is keeping the shutter speed as fast you can while staying in an ISO below 1600 (preferably 800) to avoid fast motion blur.  Anything above that and you get a lot of noise and lose clarity.  With a bigger camera, that has a bigger sensor, you can shoot at higher a ISO plus a higher shutter speed and not sacrifice as much quality.  Problem is, I'm finding they're a lot more expensive and a lot more unwieldy.  I'm less likely to tote around a bigger camera that won't fit in my pocket.  Hence the catch 22.

One last thing I don't think people bring up as much as they should is the fact that a P&S has an auto lens protector.  Therefore you can take it in and out of your pocket without fiddling with a lens cover, allowing you to quickly get a shot off if you need to.  Not to mention it's just a lot easier to not deal with a lens cover if you're just casually snapping pics.

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