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Re: It goes both ways.

bikinchris wrote:

Nell27 wrote:

Henry Schobin wrote:

Sounds like a crock of sh!t......except for the part about riding your bike to work.

I was going to say; maybe you should buy cheaper (Wal-Mart) bikes......but that would have been cruel.

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Rethink your last comment.

I've always been amazed by people who think business owners are in business to make their employees rich.

Business owners are in business to make themselves rich and there's nothing wrong with that even though Communism tries to teach us differently.

By law, business owners need to pay their employees a fair wage (area wage determination) and provide reasonable benefits.

Employees apply for a job and agree to work for the wages promised by the employer. If, at a later date, they are unhappy with the wage it's not the employer's fault.

These unhappy employees need to look for another job that will pay them what they believe they're services are worth.

If they can't find that better job they need to grow up and be happy with the best paying job they could find.

No problem. That company is closed now. Once myself and the manager who worked with me were gone, they eventually bled out enough money and they had to sell out.

If you don't pay people who actually DO the job you want done and pay them enough to live, then you will get employeees who can't work anywhere else.
Economics goes both ways. When the economy picks up, people will start looking for work that pays enough.

Believe it or not my comment wasn't directed at you, as an individual, it was more of a general comment about the mindset of many employees.

My comment did appear as being critical towards you and for this, I apologize.

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