Destructions ahead ?

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Re: Destructions ahead ?

Tom C wrote:

LeRentier wrote:

Yesterday I watched a documentary, made by some US scientists, who explained that, in a sense, the US will most likely face destruction by one or two events :

The first one is a giant tsunami coming from the Canary Islands following a giant volcanic explosion which will cause half of these Islands to just disppear. The tsunami is supposed to reach the East coast with a tidal wave of a 100 ft or more and will go inland for at east 50 miles, destroying just about everything in its path.

The other one is an explosion of the Yellowstone caldera, which will destroy most of North America.

Besides the Canary Islands, these scientists did not even mention other parts of the world so we must assume that Europe and Asia will remain untouched, unless they consider anything that might happen there as negligible.

They mentioned millions of victims on the American Continents, did not talk about victims elsewhere on the planet.

How does it make you, the foreigners, the US citizens mostly, feel about being the only victims ?

Do you have a preference for either one of these events to come first ?

The last time the Yellowstone caldera erupted was 640,000 years ago. I don’t think anyone living now has to worry about it. The sun has about 5 billion years left but it’s unlikely humans will be around to see it. There always the chance a meteor could hit Paris.

The last I heard about Yellowstone was that it is time or near time for it to go. In my opinion, 640,000 is a long time and conditions below ground can change. We do know it is not dead, but maybe Yogi can keep it quiet.

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