Who among us would defend this comment?

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8% cut across the board...

vadimraskin wrote:

Where would like to start cutting "Obama's spending"?

Take a pick:

Major categories of FY 2011 spending included: Medicare & Medicaid ($835B or 24%), Social Security ($725B or 20%), Defense Department ($700B or 19%), non-defense discretionary ($646B or 19%), other ($465B or 12%) and interest ($227B or 6%). Expenditures are classified as mandatory, with payments required by specific laws, or discretionary, with payment amounts renewed annually as part of the budget process.

Go for it, take a red pencil and start cutting. This is what "fiscal cliff" is all about - 10% automatic cuts in all spending categories. But somehow everyone is yapping about how bad this will be for the economy. Maybe we shouldn’t do anything about this "cliff" after all. Most of the "red" states will get a huge hit when defense spending is reduced and most of the social programs that, somehow, benefit a lot of population over there.

Without thinking about it too deeply, I think an 8% cut across the board would be just fine.  I never saw a budget that couldn't withstand that.

They should cut 8% and Congress should figure out a way to change the laws to allow it to work.  There's 8% fat in everything....if not, then take the reduced benefits, buy 8% less stuff, layoff 8% of the gov. workforce.

I actually think this 8% across the board would be preferable to any deal that will be made.

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