another silver lens...

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tjuster1 wrote:

Paul Auclair wrote:

tgutgu wrote:

I don't see that there is a serious problem. Either buy the silver E-M5 body or just get used to the silver lenses. The silver lenses look perfectly fine on my black GH2 as well as on my silver E-M5. Black Panasonic lenses look fine on my E-M5 too.

Olympus should not waste any effort to provide more than one color for a particular lens.

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i do believe no one including myself claimed there was a serious problem.



Really? You've written that a "big" reason you haven't bought this and other silver m43 lenses is because of its color:

"unlike many i haven't [bought more m43 lenses] and having the lenses i desire NOT available in "black" is a very big contributing factor."


"just makes it easier to hold off and wait for alternate/suitable solution to use with OMD or OMD-like body to use with SHG".

If you really consider a lens 'unsuitable' merely because it's silver, then it's a pretty serious problem (to you).

i also wrote other reasons for not(and/or holding off) purchasing the offered "silver" lenses.

one reason being i have SHG lenses to use. the other...i have lots of other gear to use.

thanks for your time and effort ..perhaps spend a little more of one or another or both to include those more of the pertinant ""s

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