red interior of black X100 leather case: does it ruin its 'stealthiness'? pictures and opinions?

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Re: red interior of black X100 leather case: does it ruin its 'stealthiness'? pictures and opinions?

You said it yourself: it's not that much about "not being noticed at all", but rather about "being less bothered" while taking some pictures and actually also about "bothering others less".

It is of course partly psychological (on both sides: the photographer and also the people around -whether they are being photographed or not!-), but it sometimes matters, both for the picture itself and for the pleasure of taking some pictures unobtrusively, again, for both the photographer and others around (not meaning hiding or sneaky). I'm not aiming at unnoticed 'spy'-pictures (I would be looking for totally different camera's and focal lengths if that was the case...). I'm just looking for discrete and enjoyable picture-taking.

Of course it doesn't only depend on the camera...

Just to sketch the background a bit more, as that seems to be as important or more important than the subject/question itself: no, I'm not a 'kiddo' and yes, I did take quite a lot of pictures in public in the past (whether just on the streets, at concerts or for weddings etc.) I'm not a professional at all and I'd prefer to keep it as a hobby anyway.

But actually, while picture quality might gain from experience, does age or experience even matter to enjoy having photography as a hobby?

I was actually really enjoying photography as a 'kiddo' from the day my dad entrusted me his fully manual film-camera, before digital camera's even existed. And no, I have no reason to consider myself old at all

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