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Better you than I

Mark Smith wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

Yes, on my browser they do look digitized and not what I would expect on paper,

They are digitised-so you can see them!

And the additional digitizing required to display on a monitor makes that "digital look" even more pronounced. Great examples, thanks.

though I can get a general feel if using ones imagination.

You can tell the individual emulsions character-nothing is lost

Nothing? You must have an amazing monitor.

The last one, less so. I think your familiarity with the medium fills in some of the "gaps" when you see it on a computer screen.

It looks the same as the original slide....

On your computer screen...really? I need one of those screens

....the look of film can be displayed digitally; programs like Silver FX pro and NIK prove that.

Then no need for film....glad we got that out of the way. Glad you went there and not I. I've never been comfortable saying software can perfectly mimic the look of film

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