E-mount or adapted lens around 30-35mm not too expensive (MF ok)

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re: alas, even almost 10 yrs. old 300d has orders of magnitude better AF...

captura wrote:

Sounds like an interesting project. Nice photos.


I only purchased the old 300D to see what all the fuss is about...DSLR's, etc. It's remarkably consistent and reliable and despite being only 6 mpxl's, just as good as the NEX or my m43's as long as I keep the ISO at 400 or lower. And far better/quicker auto-focus, must be phase-detection. And with the bigger DSLR, I get more respect when shooting at clubs, etc. Has anyone ever mentioned this?

  • ...than the flagship N7 :), for a tiny fraction of the price;
  • but... for slightly more you can have 400d with a 10Mpx sensor and much improved UI/controls,
  • or [going full way into Rebels line] 600d with 18Mpx;
  • what I'd advice to avoid is the 650d which was moved backwards by big C. - AF is not as good, or even outright sluggish in OSPDAF moe


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