Nikon....Please, please, pleeeeeze!

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Re: Nikon....Please, please, pleeeeeze!

johnparas11zenfoliodotcom wrote:

WD wrote:

Just one thing really bugs me and that's why my most earnest plea: Just add a firmware update and give us the option to turn "OFF" the mandatory last shot review. What an irritation!! If I want it, I'll press a button for heaven sakes.

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I have a J1 and did just take a photo to see what you are talking about.. so I took a photo then saw the image on the LCD..
Am I the only one that actually looks at the photo on the LCD after I take a pic? I just press the shutter button half way so that I can shoot another photo if i do not want to look at the photo that i just shot..
is this what you are talking about? that the V1 shows the just shot photo on the LCD?

It shows the just shot photo in the EVF on the V1. This blocks you from taking another shot, while you diddle with the shutter button.

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