Aperture3: "internal" import function broken

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Re: The Phantom Menace

Alpha Doug wrote:

Wow. Imagine how astonished I am that millions of us continue to work and download apps using this terrible software and hardware. If I were you I would immediately sell your defective stuff and order some Android/ Windows

That you would suggest Microsoft as an alternative shows a certain narrowness of vision.  I do not have any Microsoft software in my home or in my office.  Until I was given an iPad for my last birthday, I used my spouse's MacBookPro quite a bit for Aperture, which is, by far, my favorite image editing and management tool, but for little else.  My other computer work is done, not on Microsoft products, not on Apple products, but on computers running real operating systems.

That said, on Saturday and Sunday, I spent a combiend total of about 15 hours on the telephone nominally connected to Apple Support -- the great majority of that on hold, listening to truly awful hold music.  Four times, as I was waiting on hold, sometimes more than an hour into the call, Apple simply hung up the line, mercifully ending the awful music -- but not solving the problem. Apparently, you have been spared the experience; good for you.

May I suggest that you take your response above to this thread and direct it to the OP there?

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