Need help with CS6

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Re: Need help with CS6

Jim Bond wrote:

I am new to photoshop & thought I would give it a try so I downloaded the trail on my mac. I have been playing around with it for 10 days & every thing was going pretty good until today. When I tried to use the spot healing brush tool it quit working, I get the circle it makes the mark over the area I want to repair but when I let go of the mouse it does not clone or repair the junk I am wanting to get rid of is still there. It worked perfectly before so I don't know if I hit a wrong control key or what. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any & all help.

Make sure you are not using the Healing Brush Tool (which requires you to sample another area first with an alt click) as opposed to the SPOT Healing BrushTool.  Right click on the tool on the tool bar to see which one you are using.

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