Polar night photography advice

Started Nov 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
Svein Eriksen Senior Member • Posts: 1,777
Re: Polar night photography advice

JulesJ wrote:

Stop looking for a camera with a ridiculously high ISO and just use what you have got. I promise you the camera won't make a whole lot of difference shooting from the back of a moving ship in freezing conditions! believe me, I've done it.


Agree with Jules, use what you got. You already have a excellent camera. The 1D X might be a bit better on high Iso and a D3S even more so, but it wont make a huge difference. Also, bring your tripod, if you're going on Hurtigruta then you'll get fairly frequent stops of half an hour to a couple of hours depending on where you're going. There will be some daylight og twilight even if the sun is below the horizon. How much depend on where and exactly when you're going.

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