Other brands/models comparable to FZ200?

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Re: Other brands/models comparable to FZ200?

Hi and welcome to the forum, Sue.

When it comes to still photography I’m an FZ fan through and through. But good as Panasonic’s video additions occasionally are, the format is somewhat flawed from a focussing perspective. I have the FZ150 and can say hand on heart that I would not recommend it to anyone keen on shooting video more than stills, especially where lots of zooming in and out and panning are to be used. During these times and in my experience, the video autofocus on the FZ150 can hunt to annoying degrees.

As far as I’m aware, the FZ200 shares the same flaws too, despite the fact that like the FZ150, it can give stunning results at its best. That said, some flaws can be worked around/edited out if needs be. But if you’re serious about a bridge camera with reliable video output, I’d have to advise you to look at Sony’s HX200, which, as far as I know, doesn’t suffer the focus hunting problems associated with the Panasonic FZ150 and FZ200.

Although not quite as fast as the FZs for shooting stills, the Sony may just satisfy your requirements in that field too. Much depends on your ultimate needs, but for me it would always be an FZ for my photographic requirements and either a dedicated video camera made by Panasonic purely for video, or another bridge maker like Sony where the movie format to take precedence over the still variety.

For quite some years now, Panasonic have made excellent video cameras from a dedicated perspective. I even own a couple of those myself. Currently however, they just don’t seem to view video as more than a second string option in their FZ machines. If they did, they’d address those focussing issues, which I’ll add may go unnoticed by some users but will annoy others. Much depends on your own expectations and preferred shooting techniques.

Hope this helps

Good luck and regards

Stevie Boy.

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