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Re: another silver lens...

tgutgu wrote:

I don't see that there is a serious problem. Either buy the silver E-M5 body or just get used to the silver lenses. The silver lenses look perfectly fine on my black GH2 as well as on my silver E-M5. Black Panasonic lenses look fine on my E-M5 too.

Olympus should not waste any effort to provide more than one color for a particular lens.

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i do believe no one including myself claimed there was a serious problem.

Olympus "wasted" some effort to provide more than one color for the EM5 so why shouldn't I (and/or perhaps... we/some/us) expect more than color option for the lenses?

just a simple obversation 'of mine'...for most interchangeable lens camera systems i'm aware of black is the normal and "all" other color/color combos whether they look good/great/bad/awkward to some/most/all others is not the norm.

if i am correct about black being the norm then i think it is not too much to expect black lenses to match with black bodies.

i'm not talking about IQ quality or anything else just color option(s).

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