A camera that takes better shots than an old A510? The 110hs doesn't.

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Re: A camera that takes better shots than an old A510? The 110hs doesn't.

If I can find a deal on an s100, that sounds like a good deal.

The 110HS is back up to 179 on Amazon, probably so when they set the price again to 129 they can shout, "look at all the savings" (for people who haven't tracked the price)

From what I've been reading, and hearing from other members here, in good light most digital cams are very similar.  I know in good light my little 510 took fabulous shots over in England, and a quick backyard comparison between the 510 and 110hs revealed similar quality and shortcomings.

For the price, if one doesn't have a pocketable digicam, ok IQ especially for social purposes and casual stuff.

geepondy wrote:

I bought an S100 last year to replace my SD870, a reasonably regarded Canon elph. The S100 beats it in image quality in all lighting conditions but of course much more so in low lighting conditions. Even in good lighting, the S100 image is sharper and more detailed although I don't think you would notice on say a 4x6 print.

Interesting comments regarding the 110HS. I see it listed in a couple of Black Friday sites for $129. I've told a couple of prospective buyers it's probably a good camera if $130 is all you can spend but I wonder at least in good lighting, is it really any better than some of the A series cameras (also some good BF deals). Often times for the very casual photographer, they'll be using a flash anyways in lower lighting condition.

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