red interior of black X100 leather case: does it ruin its 'stealthiness'? pictures and opinions?

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red interior of black X100 leather case: does it ruin its 'stealthiness'? pictures and opinions?


I'm looking for a new camera, smaller than my DLSR-set, that I could carry with me (almost) everywhere I go and thus start taking pictures much more again.

I've been taking less and less pictures over the past 2 years because of 2 reasons:

(1) taking my big camera-bag when I'm not even sure I'll have something to take pictures of has become a obstacle: I like take pictures in the evening/at night/indoors, when there is less light and thus usually carry some prime-lenses (also just the question of 'what part of the equipment do I take with me/take out of the bag first, even if that might sound silly)

(2) pulling out a DSLR is often to eye-catching for the pictures I'd like to take more often

I've been looking at the black X100+leather case for quite some time now, as it seems to answer both concerns quite nicely. Moreover, moving around with just 1 fix-focal lens might bring back the joy I had when I first started photography with my dad's Nikormat and just 1 standard lens: you take less pictures, you might even miss some photographic sceneries, but you think/refine more and don't end up with tons of pictures (digital era...) and your friends/girlfriend annoid, waiting for you to take the right lens and catch up...

I was just about to buy the black version, when I saw the interior of the black leather-case is vivid red!!

Doens't that kind of ruin the 'stealth'-advantage of the black version when taking pictures with the leather case open!?

Could someone show a picture of the full black leather-case, open, with the camera inside and the 'flipping part' just hanging down as when taking a quick picture?

I prefer the black version mainly because it's more stealthy. (And also partly because it looks incredibly nice! I have to admit it.) I know you can take off the flipping-part of the leather case, but what do I then do with that part if I walking around without any bag: leaving home with only the X100 in its leather-case, without the need for any bag, is one of the reasons I'm looking for the X100.

Of course, when you walk around a whole day, you often cary a small backpack anyway, but again: it would seem more convenient to me if I could leave the X100 in its leather bag around my shoulder, well protected, and just flip it open when I want to take a quick picture.

Any opinions, experiences or pictures are very welcome!!

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