Lens focal lengths for Easter Island

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Re: Lens focal lengths for Easter Island

A UWA/WA is a must.  There are a few sites (the one with 15 Moai in a row - i forget the name now, but something Xxx-riki/raku) where you'll want to back up and get all in the picture. You can get pretty close to most of the Moai's. To photograph "The most photographed Moai" on the island, you'll want a UWA/WA.  The parks dont like people going off the walking paths, in-as-much-as they'll throw you out after threatening you...I'd have to check, but i dont recall taking that many shots with the tele-photo...Used more the 100mm macro and the UWA/WA. As remote as the island is, you can see the curvature of the earth, pretty neat!

Advice - walk slowly during the guided tour if you take one, and "straggle" at the back...Usually most people clammer to the front and fight for pics of the moai...wait a few moments till they start walking again then get some better pics with hopefully minimal to no-people in the shots...i got yelled at a few times, but was worth not having a bunch of folk in my pics...

The people there are wonderful and very helpful.  The food was good, but pricey.  And there's an internet cafe in "downtown"...The tours are strategically set up to happen one after the other if you can plan it right. I spent three days there with little down time and lots of hiking and touring. I felt safe with all my camera stuff and hiking all over with no guide. I personally didnt like the dogs all wandering around, they pestered more than the people...A little spanish will help as not all natives speak english.

Flying in via Tahiti?

Have fun and Happy Shooting!

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