PDAF issue on D800E

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Re: Abouth the first two.

lock wrote:

I find neither two to be properly focused. The both seem to suffer from front focus, with the second one, which is further away, showing more front focus. This could be caused by any alignment issue from the point the light enters the box all the way to the AF sensor unit, and anything combined. The fact that going to a distance closer to the camera results into backfocus (reverse of going further away) to me suggests an odd coincidence of lens and AF.

But... it has been shown by others the the left AF also occurs moest often with very fast lenses. Does the same thing occur if the set the aperture to say F/4 ?

Hi Lock

You are right about the front focus on these particular shots. I am now thinking about different light conditions and maybe this is fooling the autofocus.

Lock, the image below was taken at F:4.5, focus wise looks fine. Look at the pebbles next to the wheel of the car, they are in focus. The focal point is in the middle of the picture (edge of the window of the car). There is no front focus issue here. So no, smaller apertures no problems.


Thanks for the input.


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