Looking for recommendations for waterproof case for D300 which lets me shoot while kayaking.

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Re: Looking for recommendations for waterproof case for D300 which lets me shoot while kayaking.

TerryBrawley wrote:

I have a kayak tours company and often take shots of dolphins, manatees and do birding while on the water. I recently trashed a D40 while rescuing another kayaker in rough water, and don't want that to happen to my D300.

I've been getting by with a waterproof Sony and a Lumix while keeping my D300 and 70-300 lens secure in a Plano waterproof case. That is safe but doesn't let me use it easily.

I've ordered an Overboard case which is smaller and handier, but am looking for options which will let me shoot the D300 with the zoom. The Ewa Marine case is much too large and an Ikelite case would leave me with a second mortgage I don't want The AquaPac cases work but the acylic lenses scratch very easily.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Terry


if you don't like the Ewa Marine or AquaPac, I guess you would end up with a real dive casing (e.g. Ikelite) and these are all expensive like hell.  Ikelite is actually one of the cheapest, the only one that would come to mind would be a Nimar (http://www.nimar.it/content_e.asp?ID=64), which is sightly cheaper than the Ikelite (about €1100 in Germany incl. 19% VAT - not sure where you are located).

Since I like to scuba dive and I decided that getting a mortgage just to get photo equipment was not what I wanted, I decided on a Canon G1x plus the Canon underwater housing (WP-DC44), which together would be cheaper than any DSLR or System Camera underwater housing (if you look around a little you can get the combo for €750 in Germany incl. 19% VAT). Picture quality is  probably not so far off from the D300 (similar size sensor and very good glass), however, you can't change the lens...

Not quite sure if that helps..

Good luck,


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