Pentax as a replacement for my Oly 4/3 gear - opinions?

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I moved from 420,520 to Pentax

Not a single regret. With in-body stabilization and such I saw Pentax as the natural path from Olympus.

I loved the 420 for it's size but the Pentax's are quite close with a better grip like the 520. To be frank I had the 620 for about a week and absolutely hated the color noise. You will find nothing like that on the Pentax gear. You will be stunned at the detail captured in the shadows. On the 4/3 stuff it's basically gone.

I started with the K-x which was a step up in almost every way except a few convenience features like custom setups. Performance-wise everything was a step up. The K-5 blows away anything in the 4/3 stable. The E-5 is obnoxiously large and with very little payoff IMO. I had no intention of paying so much for what amounted to a little bit better.

Never had that 12-60 though... AWESOME lens!  Heck even the 14-42 was a great lens well above "kit" level.  Pentax has great glass as well but it doesn't come cheap.

The great thing is... you can get your hands on some of the old manual glass like the M50 or Rikenons to find out just how great Pentax really is.  For little money those primes will turn in detail at least as good as the 12-60, probably better.

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