Macro Lenses on FZ200/150 & Others: Overview, Guide and Information [Achromats]

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Re: Too many choices for me

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Anything you might recommend for a little less dollars to start out?

Get a Minolta No.1 on ebay right now for 15 USD (55mm, > stepup ring), and then look for Minolta No.2 or the Sigma Achromatic Lens (for a longer distance, but cheap).

Try to find used items wherever you can. Start with any +2dpt lens lens and then get a stronger one and maybe a lighter one.

Thanks. Are any of the, what appear to be, cheap kit lens any good for this? I see them on Amazon and elsewhere for a very low figure for up to 3 or 4 lens. Appear they are available in 52 mm.

The cheap ones are one piece of glass - and show lots of chromatic aberration anyplace but the center. The "achromats" consist of several glass layers in order to minimize CA.


So, you get what you pay for? Thanks Sherm!

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