From NEX-5N to NEX-5R....Huge disappoimtment

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Re: From NEX-5N to NEX-5R....Huge disappoimtment

CyrusK wrote:

Also, seems that the Nex-6 (instead of the Nex-5R), re-introduced the Quick Navi menu


"With the NEX-6, Sony has reintroduced the 'Quick Navi' display last seen on its pre-SLT DSLRs. Hidden away as a display option via the Camera menu, you can enable it as one of the info views that the DISP button cycles through. Once onscreen, if you then press the 'Fn' button you can use either of the camera's two dials to navigate among options and make selections, virtually eliminating the need to ever visit the Camera menu again."

I never used such a menu (my A55 does not have it)... But it looks also a good way for rapid access to the settings.

That's correct - it's an interactive version of the "For Viewfinder" LCD panel option, with most of the important settings displayed gridwise on a plain black background - the 5R (and indeed the 5N and F3) have it, but on the NEX-6, if you press the Fn button, it becomes "live" control-wise, and you can highlight a setting and change it from there.  If you try the same thing on the 5R it just points out that this option is not available, whilst the earlier models didn't have an Fn button to press anyway.

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