GH3 vs HERO3: Sensor Resolution and FPS

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Re: GH3 vs HERO3: Sensor Resolution and FPS

I have the GoPro 3 and I can correct your assumptions on a lot of things.

Yes the GoPro Hero 3 has been available from Best Buy for almost 1 month in the States.

The GoPro 3 shoots at a maximum of 50 megabits per second. While the GH3 can go to 70-80 megabits per second there are no compression artifacts in either footage. Bit rate is not a limiting factor for either of these cameras.

As far as I can tell the GoPro shoots native 4K @ 15 FPS with the equivalent field of view as a 15mm lens on a 35mm camera.

You can use a lossless crop mode(Similar to Panasonic’s ETC) to get to about 20-28mm equivalent for 1080p and 720p respectively.

The 1080p @ 60 FPS is very good on the GoPro 3. However, I prefer the 2.7K @ 30 FPS. The 720p @ 120 FPS has some issues. I am still trying to confirm if the firmware update fixed those issues. When 720p @ 120 FPS works it is the best slow motion you have ever seen from a consumer camera.

The audio is fine for both cameras. However, an external mic or recording device is always a better option.

The GoPro 3 is a fexed focus lens. I think the focus is ideal at about 2-10 feet. However, it has enough depth of field to be in focus at infinity. The older GoPros were not able to do that very well.

The GoPro 3 meters just as well as my GH2.

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