Amateur SLR photographer looks for lighter option...

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Re: Amateur SLR photographer looks for lighter option...

Greg Stein wrote:

Greetings my fellow photographers!

I'm in photography for 10 years. 5 last years I was using (and still do) my lovely Nikon D80. It's amazing camera. The next step for me in terms of image quality maybe FF. If so, I'll switch to Canon. But...

I do hike a lot. Really a lot. Family, solo and friend hikes. I tired carrying my DSLR with lenses. Not mentioning the heavy duty tripod. I'm not taking it any more. I'm really serious about photography and never leave my camera at home. Whatever difficulties it takes for me to overcome. But I thought, and folks here saying the same, the new NEX line is quite good. Same sensor. I suppose optics are not that good and actually quite expensive for it's quality, but the weight!

So, I'm going to try it out. Before NEX-6 came out I was targeted to NEX-7, but now, when I can save $300 for glass I'm thinking about getting the NEX-6.

I'm searching for other people who have DSLR and took the mirrorless option for it's benefits. I'm interested why other people like me buy mirrorless and how do they see it's quality, ergonomics and control after using DSLR.

Thank you in advance!

Kindest regards, Greg.

I assume AF performance is secondary (especially if you are going to using adapters). If high ISO performance is also not an issue (tripod use), then the NEX-7 is perhaps preferable to the NEX-6. The only thing to watch out for are colour corner shading issues but in many cases this can be rectified with CornerFix or the free Lightroom plugin.

Figure out what lenses you actually need. If you're happy with primes, then the Sigma 19mm/2.8 and 30mm/2.8, Sony 35mm/2.8 Macro, 35mm/1.8 OSS and 50mm/1.8 OSS, would make a nice set for landscapes. If you need to go longer, then I've heard reasonably good things about the Sony 55-210mm E-mount zoom. I'll reserve judgement on the 10-18mm OSS until we see final shipping production versions.

With a lighter camera and lenses, you can also use a lighter tripod/head combination. Use a centre-column hook to weight it down if you need extra stability. I use the IR remote to eliminate vibration due to pressing the shutter. With electronic first curtain, this eliminates all extraneous vibration, no mirror lock-up required and makes it so much more convenient and faster to take photos without shake.

The only thing is with the NEX cameras is to bring lots of spare batteries, though third party options are quite cheap and it doesn't weigh much to bring a spare 3 or 4.


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