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BATMAN'S HOUSE and Gardens. FZ 150

In a sense, I feel lucky to live less than 20-miles from Wollaton Hall and the park in which this fine and splendid building sits. Over the years, and since being a small child to joining the over-50 brigade, I’ve made countless visits and spent thousands of enjoyable hours there.

For those who may not already know, the hall and snippets of the surrounding gardens appear in the most recent Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. Despite the fact that Wollaton’s always been a lovely and interesting place to visit for as long as I can remember, as a consequence of the venue’s newfound fame, it’s now a more popular tourist attraction than it ever was. Hardly surprising when we consider how far-reaching and well-followed the Batman film franchise has actually been over the years.

Funnily enough, I recall very well Wollaton’s impending world-wide notoriety in the making, when, during the time of shooting the movie, the park was closed to the public for around three-weeks and the local press and TV news were rife with stories of film stars being seen in the local vicinity. It was kind of exciting and very interesting at the time to watch how the rumours developed into fact… that the Hall would indeed become Wayne Manor and that those folks claiming to have seen the likes of Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Michael Cain, etc, etc in and around Nottingham at the time could be taken seriously. With such regular sightings and increasing interest, the media eventually relented to public pressure and the stories, meaning that all of a sudden, they were then confirmed by everyone who cared to spread them as though breaking the revelations themselves that The Dark Knight Rises wasn’t just being shot on location, but that some of it was actually being filmed in our very own Nottinghamshire, England. Exciting times for locals indeed, and especially for those who couldn’t wait to see the resulting movie for that very reason! And boy oh boy, that wonderful piece of architecture doesn’t half make a fine Wayne Manor if ever I saw one! Overall, the film is blooming good too, arguably the most entertaining caped crusader movie made thus far, at least in my opinion!

Anyway, as I suggested, Wollaton is and always has been one lovely place to visit. As well as the house (in which you’ll find a museum containing stuffed animals and birds, reptiles, a display of rocks and minerals and much more), there are those lovely gardens and the whole park and lake to explore. Actually, the park is so big that you may well bump into free-roaming roe and red deer too, making it a favourable place for wildlife photographers in search of easily obtainable and relative close-up shots, as many of these animals have become used to the thousands of visitors that the park was seeing even before Batman arrived!

As for the few photos I’ve displayed here, most were taken during a recent visit during which the weather could have been much brighter. But if you’re familiar with my previous postings in which I’ve mentioned the UK climate, you’ll know that this year’s been an exceptionally wet one around my neck of the woods, inevitably meaning lots of cloud cover and a need for photographers to simply adapt to rubbish light or avoid shooting as much as they may normally do with small sensor cameras.

Luckily for me though, I have the FZ150, which in my experience is one superb tool by the fact it offers better high ISO capabilities than I’ve seen on any other FZ models – and I’ve had/used a few of them over the years.

So, I’ll leave you to view the brief display in hope that you might be encouraged to visit a place that is well worth the time if you have some to spare. Oh yeah, and if you just happen to bump into Bruce Wayne on your arrival, you could always tell him that Batman recommended Wollaton to you. Just don’t be too surprised when he doesn’t believe you though!

Happy snapping and regards to all

Stevie Boy

PS, more information on Wollaton Hall and Park may be found here:

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ150
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