650D (t4i) exposure and in camera HDR

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Re: 650D (t4i) exposure and in camera HDR

alan e jones wrote:

Hi everyone

i have a 650D and after using it for a while i have noticed

1...tendancy to overexposure

2... I have yet to produce an acceptable in camera HDR as it lifts the shaddows way to much and blow the highlights right out it seems the programme is about 1.5 stops overall overexposed

(see uploaded photos at 0EV and HDR one exposure is only concern as not done on tripod etc)

Please i would like to hearn from other 650D users to see how your camera exposure is and how

HDR works for them

PS I am not unhappy with the 650D its capable of producing very nice images overall just wondering whether mine has a problem with exposure and HDR

thanks everyone

I actually had a poorly calibrated exposure meter on my 550D, overexpsosing, and with the spot not being in the center.  So, this can happen.

Also, perhaps you should check what metering mode you use. The evaluative metering, many users don't seem to like it. Especially if you turn the camera to portrait mode as in your example, I am not sure if the camera really knows what to expose on.  Try just average mode, and see how the camera is doing. Or try spot mode with difficult situations.

So, suggestion: first check the camera that it exposes properly in most AE modes (except perhaps evaluative metering, because we don't know how the algorithm works).

If it tends to overexpose, also in HDR, ask Canon to have a look.

Also, make sure that you try all this without Autolightning correction (or whatever it's called, turn it off), because that will added another layer of change. You have to make sure the underlying exposure itself is correct.

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