X-Pro1 images dark (underexposed)

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Since I bought the X-pro1 last summer I had the impression I needed a long shutterspeed/high iso/large aperture for the present ligth conditions. I considered it was just me and the images where great so I didn't think much of it. However this issue became more apparent when I used for lightmetering before shooting on film. The roll of film came out overexposed.

After this I performed some tests; I used a lightmeter and photographed a greycard using those exposure values.

I've used the same shutterspeed, ISO and aperture on my X-pro1 and Canon 40D. De X-pro 1 shots came out about 3/4th stop darker then my 40D shots!:-(

Same results at all ISO settings. Both on the 35mm and 18mm.

To rule out the posibility of an calibration error with the aperture I did the same thing using a flash. No difference though.

Does anyone have a similar experience or any thoughts on the issue?


I'm surprised no one has mentioned this, but ISO is not a standard. Each manufacturer calculates their own "sensitivity". Canon ISO and Fuji ISO can NOT be assumed to be identical.

To be clear - is your Fuji underexposing when you have the metering mode set to Average and the exposure compensation is zero?


"By our tests, the X-Pro 1's measured sensitivities are about 1/3 to 1/2 stop lower than marked, which is unusual for a modern camera. This means that for any given light level, shutter speed and aperture the X-Pro1 has to use a higher ISO to get an image of the same brightness as an accurately-rated camera."

That might be true, but I have found it typical for any of the modern sensor cameras. They tend to underexpose a bit to protect highlights then push process the exposure with curves. They can do this because dynamic range is so good.


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Actually sounds like a bit of a "cheat" that lets Fuji brag about falsely low noise at high ISO numbers.

The Fuji's underexposure is relative to the pack, and quite significant from reading this and other threads. its not doing the same thing as "any other modern sensor cameras".

Actually, I just realized that this is the same camera that started with the Orb issues! Fuji probably was aware of the orbs with blown highlights issue before the camera was released, and their attempt at a last second solution was to underexpose their images. but when consumers first complained of the orbs, Fuji claimed they knew nothing about it.

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